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>> How does Ban Man Pro detect Spiders?

This option must first be enabled on the Ban Man Pro Ad Management setup screen.  Once enabled, Ban Man Pro will check the browser header against a predetermined list of spiders stored in the Ban Man Pro database.  If a match is found a 1X1 pixel image is served to the spider rather than serving a banner ad.  In implementing spider detection you may also wish to filter specific IP addresses. 

How do I enable spider detection and filtering?

From within the Ban Man Pro administration management console, click Setup.  In the Other Information section, check the box titled "Enable Spider Detection".

How do I add additional spiders to the list for filtering?

To view the list of spiders, click Setup on the left navigation bar then click Spider List (IP Addresses) or Spider List (Headers).  To add a new IP Address, enter it in the box then click Add New IP.  For multiple addresses, enter one record per line.  Repeat the same process for browser headers.

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