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>> How do I create and serve Text sponsorship ads similar to Google AdWords ads.


Ban Man Pro Version 10 introduced sponsorship text ads that look similar to Google Adwords ads.  These ads can be served individually in a zone or as a series of ads in a line either horizontally or vertically.

Creating a Sponsorship Text Ad

To create a sponsorship text ad, click Banners.  Next choose the last tab across the top called Add Sponsorship Text Ad

Complete the fields by entering a headline, description, display URL and the advertisers Target URL.  As you type the sample ad will update to display how the ad will appear.  Once finished, click Next Step then complete adding the advanced banner.

Modifying the look and feel of the sponsorship text ad by modifying the template

The template is modified under Setup--Ad Templates.  Modify the template titled "Template for Sponsorship Text Ad".  You must include ##Headline##, ##TargetURL##, ##Description## and ##DisplayURL## in order to dynamically insert the Headline, Target URL, Description and Display URL of the advertisement respectively.

Serving Sponsorship Text Ads

Sponsorship text ads can be served individually in a zone just as you would other campaigns.  However, if you wish to serve several sponsorship ads in a line and have them rotate with each refresh, do the following.

  1. Once the sponsorship ads are created, create the proper campaign for each ad.  The Campaign Type must be weighted as Equal or Even campaigns cannot be served as sponsorship ads.
  2. If you have not yet created a zone for these ads, proceed to create a zone.  Otherwise, if a zone for these ads already exists, edit the zone and select the individual campaigns holding the sponsorship ads.  Make sure the zone weighting system is set to relative and give each campaign a weight of 1.  Please note you cannot use the zone refresh option with the sponsorship ad tags.
  3. Now clicks Zones--View All.  Click the CODE link next to the zone.
  4. Find the Sponsorship Code and place it on the page where you wish to serve the ads.

Customizable settings for the sponsorship ad tags include:

  • Change CountImpressions to False if you do not want to count impressions.
  • Change Total=0 to the total number of ads to display. 0 will display all ads in the zone. For example, if you have 8 ads in the zone and only want to display four at-a-time then set Total= 4.
  • To display ads horizontally, append "&Horizontal=True&MaxColumns=5" where MaxColumns is the maximum number of ads to display horizontally. For example, if setting MaxColumns to 5 and Total to 10 then you would get two rows each with 5 ads.




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