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>> Responsive Web Design and Targeting by Browser/Viewport Width

Ban Man Pro Version 14 now adds a style tag to each image in order to allow the images to resize/shrink with the size of the browser in order to support web sites with a responsive web design.  For more complicated advertisements that do not resize automatically, we have added support for targeting campaigns by Browser width in order to target specific ad sizes to browser viewport width.

Automatic Resizing of Images using a style tag

Ban Man Pro 14 now automatically ads a style tag of max-width:100%; to all standard images which forces them to shrink based on the browser size.  This feature can be disabled if necessary under Setup/Other Options.

Targeting a Campaign to specific Browser Widths

For more complicated ads automatic resizing may not be possible in which case you may need to target ads of specific sizes to specific browser widths. This targeting is handled at the campaign level and can be targeted in 100 Pixel increments.

Note: In order to use this feature your zone tags must be updated to the latest version of the "Non-IFRAME JavaScript Code (Highly Recommended)" tags.  Those tags capture the width client-side using:

var wd = window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.body.clientWidth;
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