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Integrating Ban Man Pro with DotNetNuke (DNN)
Yes, Ban Man Pro can be used with DotNetNuke.  Here are a few considerations:
  • The Ban Man Pro database uses several table names that conflict with those in the Dot Net Nuke database.  Therefore, you must use a separate database to hold the Ban Man Pro tables.
  • Ad tags are inserted into your DotNetNuke pages using the Javascript ad tags for each zone.  You cannot use the ASP.NET control tags.
  • If installing Ban Man Pro as a sub-folder of your DotNetNuke web site, you must make a few web.config changes to Ban Man Pro's web.config file.  The changes are shown below and are necessary to clear some of the DotNetNuke custom Handlers and Modules.  Add them right after the <system.web> tag.  The /Banmanpro sub folder must also be made an IIS application starting point as per the original instructions.



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