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>> How do I create a custom language file or modify the text of an existing language file?

To modify text in an existing file:
  1. The language files are located in a folder called Language.  They are stored by name with an XML extension.  Examples include English.xml, French.XML, Italian.xml, German.xml, Spanish.xml, Portuguese.xml, Dutch.xml, and Norwegian.xml
  2. These files can be carefully modified.  Only the text shown in black can be modified.  DO NOT modify the item name.

    item name="\Admin\forgotpassword.aspx_Label1">Enter Email Address or Username for your Account</item>
To create and register your own custom language file, please do the following:
  1. Duplicate a copy of the English.xml file located in the \Language folder to a new file name.  For example, Russian.xml
  2. Translate the text to the desired language.  Do not modify the text of the item name.
  3. Once the file has been saved, you must register the file in the Ban Man Pro database.  The table to modify is called tbl_BMP_Languages.
  4. Open the table and add a new row as shown below:
  5. Save the changes and the new language choice will now appear within Ban Man Pro

Note: To select the default language that is pre-selected when logging into Ban Man Pro, please visit the setup area.


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