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How do I limit the number of times a banner is shown to each visitor?
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Ban Man Pro Version 4
Ban Man Pro Version 3 and earlier

Version 4 and higher
The frequency cap option in Ban Man Pro 4 uses cookies rather than sessions.  If cookies are disabled the frequency cap will not apply to that user.  To enable the frequency cap option, check "Support Frequency Caps using Cookies:" in the setup.

 It is recommended that you disable this option when you are not using it.  This will increase performance slightly since Ban Man Pro does not have to read a cookie from the client computer.

 Once the frequency cap option is enabled, two options appear when creating or modifying a campaign.

 These two options allow you to define the frequency cap for the campaign and how long the session will last.  For example, a frequency cap of 5 impressions in 3 hours will limit this campaign to being seen 5 times by the same user in 3 hours.  The frequency cap places a limit only on the number of impressions and not on the number of clicks.

Note: Unlike version 3 and earlier, there is no limit on the number of campaigns that can be capped in version 4. 


Version 3 and earlier
Ban Man Pro version 2.1 and higher provides a frequency cap option.  In order to use this functionality you must turn on the feature in the preferences.  For performance reasons do not turn this feature on unless you are using it.  At times when you are not using the feature it should be disabled in the preferences.  The feature is found at the end of the "Other Information" section of the preferences.  Check "Support Frequency Cap using Session Variables" in order to enable this feature.

This feature uses session variables  to track the number of times each banner is viewed.  For this reason you might choose to never use this feature as sessions can cause a performance decrease in Internet Information Server.  Also, if the user is has cookies disabled the server may not be able to maintain session state in which case the user may exceed the frequency cap.

Once the feature has been turned on, you will notice a Frequency Cap field when adding or editing a campaign.  The limit for a particular campaign is entered in this box.  For example, entering a value of 3 will limit this particular campaign to 3 impressions per visitor per session.  If a visitor leaves your site and comes back 2 hours later, a new session is started and the frequency cap starts over again.  Entering a value of zero means the campaign is not capped and will display an unlimited number based on the weightings of the campaign.

Note:  For performance reasons, the frequency cap feature had to be limited to 5 campaigns.  Therefore, at any given time you should not use a cap on more than 5 campaigns. 

We also recommend that high-traffic sites DO NOT use this feature.  You might also considering charging advertisers a premium for this feature.

**Requires Ban Man Pro version 2.1 or higher.

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