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>> Support for Tooltip Type Ads

Ban Man Pro 8 supports a new type of ads called ToolTip Ads.  This feature simply uses Javascript to search and highlight text on a web page.  Tooltip ads will serve only campaigns of type "Call by Keyword Only" where one or more matching keywords are found within the TEXT content of the web page.  When a match is found the text is highlighted. 

Obtaining the Ad Tags

To obtain the ad tags to display Tooltip Ads, just click Zones then Code.  Then scroll down to the Tooltip Ad Code.  These tags are typically placed between the <head></head> tags on the web page.  The look and feel of the ad can be modified by changing the style sheet called ToolTipStyle.css.

What type of ads are supported?

Generally any type of ad can be displayed, although 3rd party ads should not be used.  Please see the note below for more information on why 3rd party ads are not recommended.

When is the impression/click actually counted?

An impression is only counted when a person clicks the highlighted text ad at which time the actual banner ad is shown and an impression is counted.  If the person then clicks on the displayed ad it will count as a click.

Important Note: This javascript code uses hidden DIV tags to place the banners on the page.  For this reason the browser will actually load the ads in memory when the page loads even though the ads are not visible until clicked.  Therefore, you should never use this feature with 3rd party ads since an impression will be counted by the 3rd party even though the ad is not visible.   

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