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>> Surround Session Feature

Ban Man Pro 12 and higher supports surround sessions.  Surround sessions allow you to lock an ad to a web visitor for X number of impressions per session.  For example, if you place an ad in all zones appearing at the top of page and set it to a surround session campaign with 10 impressions, as the user navigates from page to page they will see the same ad until all 10 impressions are full-filled.  It is recommended that you also use the frequency cap feature along with the surround session feature so the ad no longer shows to the same user after meeting the X impressions.

How to create a surround session campaign?

When adding a campaign, change the surround session option from None to the desired number of impressions.  Then, make sure you assign this campaign to multiple zones or a zone that repeats across multiple pages.

Surround Session Campaigns

Note: This feature uses cookies so the user must have cookies enabled for this feature to work.

Also, the feature is limited to a maximum of 8 active surround session campaigns at any one time.

If a surround session campaign is also a companion campaign, the impressions are multiplied by the number of ads in the campaign.  For example, a companion campaign with 2 ads would need to be set to a surround session campaign of 20 impressions in order to serve the campaign 10 times (10 impressions for each of the two ad sizes).
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